Mission and Vision

Mission Statement– The Bridge Church exists to Connect people to God, Connect them to one another in genuine community and Connect them to His work in the world today – all for His glory alone!

We pursue the fulfillment of our mission statement in the following ways:


The Bridge is passionate about reaching our community, city and world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this through regular outreach opportunities that we pursue corporately, through equipping our members for the work of personal evangelism themselves and through ongoing mission work (short term mission trips, church planting, etc.)


The Bridge desires to see people connect to God through worship! We provide weekly opportunities for corporate worship and ongoing opportunities for our people to express the gifting God has given them in worship arts.


The Bridge works to provide ample opportunities for people to connect to one another in genuine, authentic community. We build bridges of connection primarily through our small group ministry and through various hospitality ministries. We are a family and we like each other!


The Bridge has a passion to see people pursue ongoing spiritual growth for themselves. We work to provide an environment for this growth in our small groups, our personal discipleship ministry (The Walk) and various discipleship training opportunities.


The Bridge ultimately desires to see all of our folks become servant leaders who are serving out of their spiritual giftedness and are reproducing other disciples. We consistently work to equip and release people to further God’s kingdom through a variety of methods unique to each individual and in alignment with their passion.



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