Our Mission

It’s important for every organization to have a clear and defining statement of why it exists.IMG_0587

Why do we do what we do?

The Church of Jesus has been given a clear mission.

Matthew 28 tells the church to go and make disciples.IMG_0588.JPG

This is the biblical mandate for every believer and every local church. To go and make disciples.

Every local church then carries out this mission using its own unique methods in its own unique context. At The Bridge- we have worded our mission in such a way that connects with who we are and the uniqueness of our culture. Here is the current iteration of our church’s mission statement-

“The Bridge Church exists to make a difference by connecting people to God and community- all for God’s glory alone.“

This simple statement is more than a pithy slogan to be plastered on the back of t-shirts. It is the driving motivator of every single thing we do here at The Bridge. All of our methods, plans, ideas and programs must bow at the feet of this over arching mandate. It is important to us. And since it is important to us…I would like to break it apart and take a brief look at what it reflects.

The first thing you may notice about our statement is that we exist to “make a difference”. This reflects that we want to be a church that has a powerful and lasting impact on the lives of people. We want to be an agent of change in this broken world we live in. We will not sit idly by on the sidelines. But we will get in the game. We will not be content with sitting on our padded pews each week all the while bemoaning the state of affairs in the sinful world around us. We will get up. We will go. We will make a difference!

But how do we plan on making a difference? By “connecting people”. We do it through relationships. People matter to us. We are all about being a bridge to those who may be different from us. We will seek to make a difference in the lives of others by taking the initiative to go where they are. To meet them in their place of need.

And what will we connect them to? We will connect them to what we believe they were created to be connected to- God and community. We understand that the only hope for any real change in the lives of others is through a transformative, life giving, personal relationship with God through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will share this gospel with the people we have connected with. We will share that gospel with them in word and deed. We will continually point them to the one whom their heart truly desires.

But not only do we seek to connect them to God but we want to see them connect with a genuine community of faith. Other believers who are on the same journey. People they can share life with, who can hold them accountable and encourage their spiritual growth. We believe spiritual growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum but it happens in real, authentic relationships with other Christians. We seek to create a spiritual family where everyone has a place and everyone belongs.

And what is our hope in doing all of this? “God’s glory alone”. We aren’t trying to build our kingdom. We aren’t trying to make the name of The Bridge Church great. We simply want the beauty of God to be shown to the rest of creation through what is done in our midst. May His name always be exalted and may our affections for Him increase day by day as we live on mission together!




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