Upcoming Message Series

The “Saved” Series



A recent study by Lifeway Research revealed that 80% of church attenders believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith with others (evangelism). Of these, only 61% stated they had actually done so with just one person in the past six months. When it comes to sharing the gospel it seems that we know it to be important but it does not necessarily translate into behavior that backs up our beliefs. Why is there such a disconnect?

We don’t have all the answers at The Bridge either….during the month of July, we will be having a series of messages that will revolve around the Christian’s call to evangelize and share the gospel of Jesus Christ and hope to help us “bridge” this gap in our local body.

Here is a quick synopsis of what’s to come:

July 3rd- “Saved From What?”
We talk a lot in church circles about “getting saved.” In sharing the gospel we might even encourage others to “be saved”. But what exactly do we mean? Why do we even need to be “saved?” We will explore this aspect of the gospel message and see how we can better answer these questions while sharing our faith.

July 10th- “The Journey of Salvation”
Is salvation an event or a process? Can it be both? In this message we will dive further into the processes God often uses in bringing people to faith in Him and how that effects our work in sharing the gospel with others.

July 17th- “The Role You Play”
We believe the salvation of a person is the supernatural work of God alone. But we also believe God desires to use us in the process! In the message we will talk about what a great privilege it is to join Him in His work!

July 24th- “Motivated to Share”
Wha’s the ultimate motivation for our evangelism? Do we do it because we “have” to or because we “want” to? In this message we will probe our deepest motivations for why we do or don’t participate in evangelism the way we should and look to God’s word to help us in our alignment.

July 31st- “How Can I Know I am Saved?”
This is a big question that many folks may wrestle with. We will look to God’s word to find our answers and learn how we may live into the truth of our eternal security!

We hope you and your family will make plans to join us this month at our North Campus (820 W Mt. Pleasant Rd) for worship on Sunday mornings at 10am as we focus on the gospel and our privilege to share it with others! See you there!



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