Core Values: Biblical Truth


At the Bridge Church, we have seven guiding principles that help define who we are and what is important to us. These are our core values. We often refer to them as the DNA of our church. They are what makes The Bridge…. The Bridge!

I thought it might be helpful to revisit these values in a blog series and further explain each value and how it shapes the life of our church.

Core Value 1: Biblical Truth

We believe the Bible is truly God’s word. We believe it to be inerrant, inspired and infallible. We believe God’s word is the ultimate authority for faith and practice. It is God’s word not man’s word or traditions that rule the day. The Bridge will always strive to minister in light of the revealed truth of scripture for we believe that God uses His word to change lives.

So what does this mean at The Bridge? How does this value shape us?

It means that every Sunday morning message you will hear at The Bridge Church will have the word of God as its foundation. We want every worship celebration to be about God and His word- not just man’s opinions.

It means that all of the songs we use in worship will reflect biblical truth.

It means that every small group or class will ultimately be about learning God’s truth and how to apply it to our lives.

It means that God’s word will guide every ministry and missional endeavor that our church undertakes.

It means that we have a community of believers who are actively seeking to grow in the knowledge and practice of God’s word. They love God, His word and each other!

It also means that long held, man-made traditions will never be elevated to the authority level of God’s word. Our methods, programs and ideas may change…and change frequently. We will never bow to “sacred cows”.

We hold a few things in closed hands… biblical truth is one of these. Our very nature as followers of Christ, as a local church and a movement of God in the world today would be compromised if we ever moved away from the guiding principles of God’s word and the basic tenets of our faith. We list this value first because of its importance. It is foundational to every other core value and in everything we do at The Bridge Church.

In our next blog we will briefly discuss our second Core Value: Evangelism.

See you then!


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