God Stories


Recently, I was doing a little bit of planning for the months ahead and as I was surveying the church calendar it struck me that The Bridge will soon be approaching the three year anniversary of our launch! It brought on a brief moment of nostalgia…at least as much nostalgia a simple history of three years can bring on. So much has happened in the last three years! When The Bridge started, I could not have even fathomed we would be where we are at today. God has done some amazing things in our midst.
In just this past year; our Sunday morning attendance has doubled; we were given amazing new church facilities in our area as a permanent home; we have hired new staff and elected new elders; and we have begun the process of looking to plant a new campus in the near future! Crazy stuff!

The story of The Bridge Church has been a tremendous story…and it has been God’s story! From the meta-narrative of our church’s history to the individual stories of lives changed and impacted for the gospel…we are seeing God stories everywhere. We want to celebrate that and continue to tell those stories.

Beginning this Sunday (2/22), we will be incorporating weekly God Stories into our Sunday morning worship experience. We want to provide a platform for all of our people to tell and hear the great and wonderful things God has been doing among us. This Sunday, one of our founding Launch Team members, Tonya Hurt, will be sharing how God has used the journey of planting The Bridge Church to impact her life and bring her a new perspective of God’s glory!

Make plans to come and join us at 10am and hear our God Stories. We believe it will be an encouragement to you and will make much of Christ. Journey on my friends!

-Brandon Lindsey


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