What is Footsteps?

Footsteps is a cross-generational discipling ministry that will begin at The Bridge Church at 9am on Sunday, February 1st. We will be meeting in the Upper Room (upstairs by fellowship hall).

Our vision for Footsteps is that it is an equipping tool that encourages families to come together and for older generations to be actively involved in discipling our younger generations. Traditionally most churches have employed an age-graded Sunday School model to address discipleship, but we feel that it has been largely ineffective and does not line up with our beliefs and mission as a body of believers. We have no professional disciplers at The Bridge and we never want to create the impression that we can simply carry our kids to church, give them to someone else for an hour a week and expect to see lasting results. We feel that model has been largely ineffective because it is the parent’s responsibility to be the primary discipler for their children. But the truth is…most of us just aren’t sure how to do that! So, we are going to learn together. Fundamentally, that is what Footsteps is all about. Parents/ adults coming with their children to learn together what it means to disciple. We know it is new territory…but that’s pretty exciting to us!

What happens at Footsteps?

A typical morning in Footsteps will begin with corporate worship activities led by our facilitators that will be designed to allow families to worship together and to teach our young people why we engage in those activities. There will be a theme and key scripture every week that will also run concurrent to what is being taught in our main worship service that day. After our large group time, attenders to Footsteps will then be divided into smaller groups (typically by families) where they will work through talk sheets together that will reinforce the theme for the week and encourage interaction among family members. Footsteps will then typically end with a time for small groups to do special things together (crafts, games, etc.) that are designed for families to enjoy time working together.

Who can come to Footsteps?

Anyone. Really! It is obviously designed for families with children but it can also be for families with older children or teens as well. We will quite often have children with no parents there and it is a great opportunity for some of our older generations to come and minister to them by being a “parent” or “grandparent” for them. We have no official “staff” for this ministry. We do have some facilitators who will keep the experience moving every Sunday but this ministry is primarily “ran” by the adults who show up and take an active part in what is going on.

So, there is our new Footsteps ministry in a nutshell. If the vision of holistic family ministry is exciting to you or maybe you too have struggled with how to engage your children with the faith of Christ, then please consider joining us this Sunday morning at 9am! You will be glad you did!


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