A Leader’s Check-Up


Are you a leader? Almost everyone is a leader in some capacity. If so, here are a few simple questions you may ask yourself. Give yourself an honest “checkup” in some key areas within a leader’s life.

How is your HEART? Is your soul being nurtured regularly by the presence of God? Are you living in the experience of God’s grace and mercy? Are the fruits of God’s spirit growing in your life? Where are you finding your ultimate sense of purpose, value and identity? Would other people describe you as a person with integrity? Would they say you have good character and that the person you appear to be…is really you?

How is your HEAD? Do you have a vision and purpose for what you do? Do you have a strategy on how you will get there? Are you committed to learning? Do you make plans and set good goals? Are you overly critical of yourself or others? How much do you think about your leadership?

How are your HANDS? Do you want continue to find ways to be a skillful leader? Do you finish what you start? Do you pursue excellence? Are you willing to serve? Do you struggle with laziness, procrastination or time management? Do you have a vision of what you want to accomplish…but just don’t know how to do it?

So how’d you do? Are you a healthy leader? Do you see any room for growth in your leadership? If you see room for improvement…let me encourage you to pursue the goal of growing as a leader and offer you one way you can do it. The Bridge will be offering Leadership Intensives once a month for the next ten months starting on February 8th. These Intensives will be at 5pm (and last an hour) and are free to sign up for. The entire 10 month schedule is available on the Welcome Center table or can be emailed to you (send request to the.bridge.church@hotmail.com). The Intensives will center around the health of a leader’s Head, Heart and Hands and will be facilitated by leaders at The Bridge and the occasional guest leader. If interested, please let us know by Sunday, January 25th so curriculum may be prepared for you! The Bridge Church loves leaders like you and we look forward to growing together for the sake of the kingdom of Jesus!


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