52 Weeks of Change: Week 7


It is already time for my next challenge? These are coming way too fast! 😉


Week 1- 15 Minutes of Silence and Solitude Every Day
Week 2- Drink Only Water During the Week
Week 3- Go to Bed by 9pm and Get Up at 5am- Still continuing to struggle with this one a bit. Please continue to pray for me.
Week 4- No Fast Food
Week 5- No Bread- ate an entire hot dog…yes with a bun…at a church event on Sunday before I even thought I shouldn’t have the bread. Haha. But other than that I am doing well here.
Week 6- Clean Out My Car- Every Day- it has taken me all week to get the car completely cleaned out by taking in an item or two at a time but I am finally getting there and I can start to feel the stress melting away!

Next Challenge:

Week 7- Portion Control!- I need to reign in the sheer amount of food I am taking in. So I am going to start being more aware of how much I am eating. I will not eat second helpings….no matter how good the first helping was! If possible- I will eat off of a smaller plate which should help. Also- when I go out to eat I will immediately put half my food into a take home box (as most restaurants serve wayyyy to large a portion). That’s my challenge this week! Could be a difficult week for me as I am traveling back to Tennessee for a few days and when my routines change it becomes a little more difficult to do these challenges…so pray for continued strength! God bless!


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