52 Weeks of Change: Week 6


Moving right along on my 52 weeks of change! This past week was a little trying due to sickness that crept up on me late in the week and I have been battling it off and on over the weekend. It did not really effect my challenge keeping so much (other than my going to bed by 9pm and up at 5am rule- for a few days I was in bed for much longer than 8 hours…so I will call that a fail in the positive direction). It has just made me feel crappy. I am still fighting it a bit on this beautiful Monday so for my new challenge, I am going to move away from a physical/dietary change and focus on something else to allow myself sometime to heal. But first…let’s catch up!

Week 1- 15 Minutes of Silence and Solitude Every Day- becoming second nature and it’s pretty easy to do when confined to the bed. 😉

Week 2- Drink Only Water During the Week- no issues here, frankly starting to enjoy water. I do have a small confession….I drank a glass of OJ for breakfast this morning as I had no appetite. Chalk it off to the sickness. 😉

Week 3- Go to Bed by 9pm and Get Up at 5am- Probably the toughest for me to master so far. Still having inconsistencies weekly, mostly due to my varying schedule and inability to think ahead. But it is getting better and I am going to focus more on it.

Week 4- No Fast Food- Believe it or not – no problem so far. I have been working on mentally relating the thought of fast food as something disgusting, toxic and poisonous. Why would I put that in my body? Yuck. Hey…it seems to be working for me at this point.

Week 5- No Bread- my first week on this challenge went pretty good actually. One of the first mornings I literally accidentally ate a sausage and BISCUIT before I remembered I wasn’t supposed to eat the biscuit. Haha. Isn’t it a little scary how much of our eating is done unconsciously? But no other slips the rest of the week and I will keep at it.

It is difficult to measure the success of many of the challenges that I have laid out for the next year. Some of them can be measured objectively while many will be purely subjective. I will occasionally stop and try to pass these along to you as I see them! That being said…I noticed a pretty big one this week. I currently weigh 10 pounds less than when I started! I will account that little success to excess water weight hitting the road…and no fast food poison for almost a month now. 🙂

Next Challenge:

Week 6- Clean My Car Out – Every Day!
As I said, I am moving away from a diet challenge to more of an organizational one. I spend a lot of time in my car. I have kids in my car a lot of that time. (Which should be something of a clue to its state of cleanliness!) I heard someone say before that you can learn everything you need to know about a man by how he keeps the inside of his car. I don’t know how true that is but I don’t like the message my messy car can send. I am not that messed up over other people judging me based on the interior of my car but I can say with certainty that when I see it I feel a sense of stress. Stress is a trigger for me for all sorts of bad things so if I can remove this source of stress in my life…why not commit to doing it. So that is my new challenge. I will make sure my car is picked up and cleaned out every day before it is parked in my garage for the night! Let’s get it!


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