52 Weeks of Change: Week 4

It’s a new week….so time for a new challenge! But first….

Previous Week’s Review:

Week 1- 15 Minutes of Silence and Solitude Every Day– Still going well! I haven’t missed a day in some time. I look forward to this time every day. I am still somewhat sporadic in the timing of it…but I am able to have it every day at some point.

Week 2- Drink only water Monday thru Friday– My second week of this was not so bad. I had one slip up and drank a small glass of milk mid-week that I am still beating myself up over but overall I am doing pretty well here. Still the occasional temptation but not too bad. Do I feel better? Or different? I’m not real sure. I certainly don’t feel as stuffed after eating a meal as I would have had I had soda….but other than that I don’t feel much different. I know it’s better for me….so I am sticking with it for sure.

Week 3- Monday thru Friday- Go to bed at 9pm and get up at 5am– My first week wasn’t too bad. I like sleep…but I already knew that. I also knew I would be tempted to hit snooze in the mornings so we made a slight change that definitely helped. We moved our bedroom alarm clock away from the bed. To turn it off I have to get out of bed and cross the room. I know it seems simple, but once I have gotten out of the bed it seems a little easier to just stay up and keep going. I was able to get up at 5am every morning this past week. I was also in bed at 9pm every night…or at least very close to it. (I think one night it was like 9:10). The problem is I don’t go to sleep right away and a few nights I saw the clock turn to 10pm or 10:30pm before I fell asleep. Towards the end of the week that caught up with me and I was pretty tired by Saturday…but I think it will all even out in the end. I like the change and I am enjoying the extra time in the mornings. That little bit of extra time has helped me start the day stress free as I am not rushing around every morning now trying to get myself and the kids ready at the last minute. So it’s a good deal and I look forward to sticking with it!

New Challenge:

So my challenge for week 4 is a doozy and will be difficult for me.

No more fast food. Ever. Period.

I am writing off food from any place that I can roll up to a speaker….order my “food” and then pick it up at a window 10 seconds later. No more McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc.

Honestly, it’s not “food”….it’s poison that is killing me slowly. It is a great temptation to me….because most of it tastes pretty good and my schedule can often be hectic which means a lot of “on the spot” eating decisions. So it will take more effort on my part. A little more planning of my meals to avoid the fast food trap. But it can be done! There are plenty of obstacles and years of bad habits to overcome and there is a little gray area with this one as I am sure I will try to redefine what “fast food” is and isn’t. So pray for me as I begin this next challenge! Let’s do this!



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