52 Weeks of Change: Week 3


I have made it to week 3 of my 52 Weeks of Change!
Here is how it has gone and what’s on tap for the next week.

Previous Week’s Review:

Week 1: Observe 15 minutes of silence and solitude every single day.
I am doing just fine in this challenge as I am able to keep up with it fairly easily. I was able to find time every day this past week. The times of day and the location continue to fluctuate as I have done this on my back patio early int morning, in a closet late at night and in a new favorite spot; during the day in a recliner in the library of our new church facilities! I am finding that I am enjoying and looking forward to my times of silence. Again, no big booming voices from the sky….but definitely a good time to find balance and sit quietly at Jesus’ feet.

Week 2: During the week (M-F), drink water only.
I actually did great with this one last week as well. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be but I did learn a few things:

1- In the beginning, I had to force myself to make the right decision mostly due to habitual behavior. I realized that I am not often conscious of what I am choosing to drink and I just grab whatever is convenient. A few days in and drinking water became more habitual itself and I did not have to think so much about it.

2- It actually seemed to make me more thirsty. I found myself drinking more than usual. I am sure there is a good scientific reason for this that I am too lazy to look up right now. But it seemed to have that effect on me. I drank more water this week than I had the entire month previous.

3- I found that certain foods have an influence on what I would want to drink. When I ate pizza during the week…I really had a strong urge to drink soda with it. When I had something sweet or especially something with chocolate in it….I wanted a glass of milk with it. I assume that is conditioned behavior instilled in me from years of pairing those things together. I am glad I am noticing those this and I am now wondering how many things we do in our life based solely on behavioral conditioning…or conscious choice! Hopefully, going forward, water begins to take the place of so many of these unhealthier choices.

4- I am glad I kept my weekends free to reward myself with being able to drink something else. I looked forward to the Sprite I had with my pizza on Saturday! 🙂 Also I am glad I did not cut out coffee. Just saying!

All in all- I shouldn’t have too much difficulty continuing this habit!

Next Challenge:

Week 3 is a challenge regarding my physical health as well! To function properly…our bodies need to have a good amount of rest. I have noticed over the past few years my health has been significantly effected by not regularly getting the rest it needs.on, I am seeing the need for a more structured schedule to begin to build better routines which will eventually come about in future challenges. They say you should try and get 8 hours of sleep….so here’s my challenge: During the week (M-F), be in the bed every night by 9pm and get up every morning at 5am. This one could be a little challenging as our schedules can sometimes get wacky…but let’s give it a shot!
Thanks for your prayers!


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