52 Weeks of Change: Week 1


Thanks for all the encouragement and support I have received since my last blog went out. I am truly thankful to know I have some folks pulling for me! I really am looking forward to the next year and to what will be taking place. I have no doubts it will be a fun ride! That being said….it’s time for my first weekly challenge/commitment…..

As you could tell from my initial blog on this subject, the issues I will be addressing are many and varied. Honestly, I struggled to fully communicate them but I did my best. In a nutshell, I want to address four general areas of my life over the next year. I want to see a healthy change physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally as I have taken a hit in all of these areas due to the before mentioned issues (and some left unmentioned)!

So, the weekly challenges/commitments (still unsure what to call them) will be holistic in nature and be aimed at one of these four areas!

For my first week I honestly picked something that I have already been working on recently. I am hoping to get a quick, easy “win” to start myself off on this journey.

I am committing myself to spending at least 15 minutes every day in silence and solitude.

I have recently been attending a spiritual retreat that has reiterated to me the value of finding balance for our hectic lives by being still before God. Simply making myself available to listen and hear from him with no distractions. It makes sense to me as I understand that I have become quite unbalanced in my spiritual life and spend most of my time reading about God, talking about God or talking to God…but never just simply sitting at His feet with no agenda but to listen.

I have already been doing this sporadically and I really have seen positive results in my life spiritually. No- I have encountered no burning bushes or loud, thunderous voices from heaven. But I have found a sense of peace doing this. It has had something of a calming effect and serves to remind me that I don’t have to go so hard all the time and that God is more interested in my “being” than in my “doing”. That’s been good for me coming off of 4 years of the hectic, constantly changing church planting life I have been engaged in recently. So… My challenge is to make it a daily routine. Every day…15 minutes all by myself with no distractions. I am choosing to do this at the same time and place every day if possible to help with habit building. I am planning on getting up earlier every morning – 5:30am and immediately do this while the rest of the house is quiet! So pray for me this week! I will be back next week with my results and my second week’s challenge!


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