Every individual and organization should have goals.


God is good with us making plans. He certainly should be consulted first in making our plans and we also should be flexible enough to realize He may change them midstream.
But it is valuable for us to make goals…and then there is something to be said for writing them down.

I have recently become much more involved with this in my own life and in the ministry of The Bridge Church.

I am realizing more and more the importance of having personal goals and for having goals for our ministry at The Bridge Church. That being said…I think it would be important for me to take some time and share them. Not my personal goals mind you…those are…well personal. But I would like to share some short term goals we have for The Bridge Church. I share them to let you know what we are shooting for (and that we are thinking about things) and so you will know how to pray for us…and maybe where you can help us! Here they are in no certain order:

1- Repackage our Connect Group Ministry to be more aggressive in personal discipleship and engagement in serving our community. This will be heading our way this fall!

2- Planning 4 large scale quarterly outreach events that give an opportunity for our entire church body to be engaged in missional activity

3- The Bridge Glow Run 5k in May- 1000 in attendance and $10,000 raised for the Evansville Christian Life Center!

4- We see at least 12 professions of faith by baptism in the next 12 months

5- We develop a comprehensive plan to launch a second campus of The Bridge Church in 2015

6- We raise $175,000 to purchase 5 acres of land in our target area of Northern Vanderburgh County

7- We identify and develop a leader who will be the point person for all of our missional outreach ministries

8- We have over 100 in attendance in Easter Services on April 20th and we then average 100 in worship by next Easter.

9- That our Elders set the example for us in personal discipleship and evangelism by committing to Every 1 Reach 2!

10. That we give over $4000 through our quarterly missions giving!

Frankly…there’s a lot more than these…but this is a good start!

We have big goals that we do not know how we are going to accomplish…but we have a big God.

Let’s commit to the vision God has given us and pray He does great things with and through The Bridge Church of Evansville!


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