Frick and Frack

Werner Groebli? How about Hansruedi Mauch?

Probably never heard of them right?

They were better known as Frick and Frack! Still never heard of them?
That’s alright…they were a duo of ice skating legends that came to fame in the early 20th century performing in a revue show called Ice Follies. I have heard it was pretty legit. Very few people to this day can actually duplicate one of their routines. But I’m not talking about ice skating this week…as exciting as the prospects may be (sarcasm intended).

Because these dudes performed together for so long, the phrase Frick and Frack began to be used in American slang when talking about two people or things that were so closely associated that they were indistinguishable and were always together. Like peanut butter and jelly…Laurel and Hardy….Frodo and Sam…Cubs and losing…

Do you have a Frack? That question sounds inappropriate…but is a good one to ask.

I have a Frack. It is Church Planting. I immersed myself in the world of church planting over 3 years ago and I haven’t stopped since. When I came to Evansville, I hit the ground running and running hard. I am competitive by nature and somewhat stubborn…Ok…quite a bit stubborn…and failure in planting a church was simply not an option.

Three years later, by the grace of God alone I may add, I am blessed to be a part of The Bridge Church of Evansville. But it came at a cost… my identity.

When you see two people meet for the first time…especially men…what is one of the first questions that is asked? “What do you do?” And often…the answer then brings about a certain amount of judgement of that person’s value. “Oh this person is a Sanitation Expert….yeah, you’re a garbage man dude. Please don’t touch me.”

A lot of people’s Frack is their job. Their career defines them. Maybe their Frack is stuff, they have an entire houseful of worthless Frack. Maybe it’s status, family or friends. I think we are all greatly tempted to allow ourselves to be identified by these things and we often judge others’ value or worth by them as well. It seems like the thing to do….especially if everyone is doing it.

But what happens when the Frack is taken away? The job is lost? The home is foreclosed on? And it’s just Frick all by his lonesome self?

I think God allows these times in our life…when the things we often hold so dear and so near are stripped away. To show us that they were never meant to give us value or worth in the first place.
It’s not a comfortable place to be to say the least. As a matter of fact it may hurt to come to the realization that you lost yourself somewhere along the way.

That’s when…if we are listening…God gently lets us know we are valuable and we have an identity. We are His.

He created us with the desire to find meaning for ourselves…somewhere outside of ourselves. This value and worth is found by resting in Him and not by holding on too tightly to the seemingly important Frack all around us.

If you have lost yourself in the Frack of life…know there is hope. Point your compass to true north and set your eyes to the one who holds your identity in His hands!



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