Lotty Dotty…We Like to Party!

I think God enjoys a good party! Jesus’ first miracle was performed at one. There are lots of parties mentioned in the bible. I think Revelation talks about a pretty awesome one that is going to happen some day in the future.

God is the ultimate provider for all things that are good and from my experience, parties are good! Except for that one in high school…that was bad…a bad party..but I digress. For the most part, I believe God created joy and laughter and I believe He created us with the desire to partake in these things for His glory. Humor and fun have a place in the life of believers. I mean…if we aren’t enjoying life…who can? We are supposed to be the ones with all the hope, right? If God is for us, we have every reason to celebrate!

Unfortunately, some of the saddest and most bitter people I have ever been around have claimed Christ and were in church regularly. Don’t mean to be negative but it’s the truth. I almost left the church because of this phenomenon. Christians always seemed so serious. I think it would have genuinely hurt some of them if they had to smile. I always noticed a strong resemblance between church worship services and funerals. Often I wanted to stand up and ask “Who died?” But I was scared of the glares I would have received. 🙂

I suppose there are a lot of reasons for this. Many people that come to Christ have been broken and have gone through great difficulties that they still wrestle with. I have often heard the phrase “Hurt people…hurt people” and I think there is some truth to that statement. I also suppose there are many who believe the only proper response to God and His presence is reverence and there is no place for silliness or light moods. I get where they are coming from because I believe there is definitely a time for reverential awe in worship, but is there room for joy? Is God not also glorified and worshipped when we take delight in Him? Can He be worshipped with a smile? Can a light heart bring Him honor? I think so.

I have often struggled with this myself. I have not always been the most pleasing person to be around…so please don’t think I am excluding myself. But I genuinely desire to see laughter, fun, humor and joy be redeemed for Christ! We live in a dark world that is full of sorrow. But we have a living hope! Maybe some of those living in sorrow will be attracted to the joy that comes from your hope and come to see Christ as valuable as well.

So join with us as we find ways to bring joy to our own lives and to those around us. We are entering into what many psychologists say is the most depressing time of the year. Christmas is not a time for us to be sad…it’s a time for great celebration! Christ has come!!

So, if you are in or near Evansville…here is what you can do to help spread the joy…join us at The Bridge on Sunday, December 22nd at 10:00am! We are going to party like only Christians can party! After all it is Jesus’ birthday right? So let’s have a birthday party!


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