Classic Christmas!

The Christmas Story movie, a freshly printed Sears Roebuck catalog in the mail, holly, Christmas parades and the smell of sausage balls baking in an oven. All of these things remind me of Christmas. They take me back to memories of experiencing past holidays growing up as a child in Tennessee. As a matter of fact, I still enjoy classic Christmas themes, ideas and traditions.

As much a these things bring on a certain nostalgia for the Christmas season, the truth is, I have grown up and grown in the faith to the point of realizing that though these things are nice and can be enjoyed – they aren’t really what Christmas is ultimately all about. The truth of Christmas is more powerful than ideas and themes and more timeless than our traditions. In actuality, the first Christmas had none of the extra things I have found so endearing. But what the first Christmas lacked in man-made fanfare it more than made up for in it’s profound truth!

This holiday season at The Bridge, we are going to re-visit some of these timeless truths that lie at the foundation of Christmas. We are going to go back and remind ourselves of the real reason for the season, to truly understand the implications of this special time of year! Please consider joining with us every Sunday morning in December at 10am as we celebrate what it means to have a Classic Christmas!



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