Why The Bridge Exists!

Why do we do what we do?

The simple answer is…we love Jesus and we love people.

Our church’s mission statement puts it this way:

“The Bridge Church exists to Connect people to God, Connect them to one another in authentic community and Connect them to His work in the world today- all for His glory alone!”

Here is what that means for us and what it looks like.

Connect People to God
We have a foundational belief that the only way people can truly live the way they were designed and created to live is through the redemptive and reconciling work of Jesus Christ in the gospel. Lives are changed, families are united and communities are transformed through the power of the gospel and it is our responsibility to make this gospel known. The Bridge believes in evangelism and we take seriously the commission we have been given to make disciples. Everything we do…from the preaching and singing on Sunday mornings, to our community ministry projects…to simply having coffee with a friend on Tuesday morning will be gospel-centered! If we love people…then the very best we can do for them is love them to Jesus.

Connect Them to One Another in Authentic Community
Discipleship doesn’t happen in a vacuum! We were designed for relationships and community. The Bridge has established a ministry of small groups (Connect Groups) that foster discipleship and spiritual growth. We see these groups as vital to the health of our church and the kingdom. We desire these communities to be safe places for people to be themselves without fear of judgement. A place where authentic relationships with other believers can be formed and true spiritual formation can take root.

Connect Them to His Work in the World Today
A healthy believer (and church) is involved in doing God’s work. They are actively seeking to join Him in His redemptive work all around the world. The Bridge does this in a couple of ways…
First, we regularly engage the world around us in ministry as a corporate body. Our church is actively involved in numerous missions and ministries on a regularly basis with the intent of showing the love of Christ in both word and deed. Our desire is to provide an opportunity for our people to engage the culture for the sake of the gospel. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, we continue to equip and teach individual believers that they are missionaries and have a great responsibility and privilege to minister wherever they are (at work, school, play)! The call to be “salt and light” is filled with adventure and limitless possibilities and we are passionate about seeing believers engaged in what they were created to do!

So yeah bottom line….we love Jesus and we love people at The Bridge Church!

If this is what you are all about…and you’d like to join us in this mission to change the world with the gospel…then I think you know what you should do! Hit us up…or just join us for worship this Sunday morning at 10am. You will be glad you did!


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