Caucasian Baptist Church

I am a white guy. If you were to take one second to look at me…you would come to the same conclusion. Even if the light was dim…and you were like “I don’t know…he maybe looks a little tan…”, it wouldn’t be long before my dance moves or maybe my speech would betray me. You would then know…”Oh. Dude’s a white guy! No doubt.”

My parents named me Forrest Brandon Lindsey…and they thought that was all that was necessary to identify me. They did not name me Forrest White Guy Lindsey! Everyone calls me Brandon. Maybe once in my life has “Hey white dude” ever been said to me! (and I am pretty sure that was by my Ginger friend who we often called Casper).

The truth is none of my closest friends care if I am white or not…it never really comes up. And if someone was considering meeting me to get to know me…but they needed to know if I was white or not before they did meet me…I probably would steer clear of. Cuz ain’t nobody got time for that!

I am not ashamed of being white…I just don’t feel the need to tell everyone…they’ll eventually find out pretty quickly. And those that have got to know whether I am white or not before they will get to know me…well they’re racist jerkheads! 🙂

And that is how I answer the question of why The Bridge Church doesn’t have “Baptist” in our name.


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