Making Connections

Connect Groups are the small group ministry of The Bridge Church. These groups are absolutely vital to all we are and hope to accomplish here at The Bridge!

Our Connect Groups:

Provide Community – they are a way for our people to make real connections with other people on a deeper level than just “Hey how are you today?” We all yearn for these relationships…God created us with a need for community. We are not an island!

Promote Discipleship – the real connections we make with other people allow for more effective discipleship to happen in our lives and in the lives of those we connect with. God, in His divine wisdom, plans to use other people in your life to make you more like Christ!

Encourage Evangelism – from the very beginnings of The Bridge…missions and evangelistic growth has been seen through the ministry of our small groups. These groups provide safe, comfortable places for believers to invite unconnected friends and family.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how important our small groups are!

Our Connect Groups meet during the fall, winter and spring. We take off the summer months to allow our leaders, hosts and attenders a break so we don’t fall into ruts and our groups don’t get too closed off! But in August…we Re-Launch them in a big way!!

Connect Group Launch Sunday this year is August 4th! We want to personally invite you to worship this day as we will highlight this invaluable ministry and we can all begin the new term all at the same time. This is an excellent opportunity for you if you have not already been connected to a small group and an exciting time if you have in the past!! There is a place and group for everyone and we are excited about the options we can provide you and your family this year.
Come and join us on the 4th at 10am!


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