A Great Opportunity

At The Bridge Church, we love and value our community. Not only our church community…but our community and culture around us! We are always excited about opportunities to spend time with those outside our community of faith and “go where they are” instead of sitting in the four walls of our church building and expecting them to come to us.

That being said, we are excited about a specific opportunity for our church to do just that later this month. The Vanderburgh County Fair is an event that draws thousands of visitors to a week of food, carnival rides, motorsports, etc. We have a large mass of people collecting just on our doorstep…and we should be there with them!

From July 22nd thru July 27th our church will have a booth in the vendor area of the fair. We will of course be providing information about our church at the booth as well as offering registration for some awesome door prizes! On top of that, this year we will also be offering a safe, clean Diaper Changing Station for families with young children to come and take care of those needs without having to go into a portable toilet or other undesirable venue! 🙂 We feel this is an awesome way to show some love to those in our community who are out for a fun evening at the fair with their family.

So…we need help . We need volunteers to man the booth for 2 hour blocks from 5-9pm during the week and from 12-9pm on Saturday the 27th. We will also need help with a few volunteers to help us set up on Sunday the 21st!

If you would be willing to serve this week…let us know and we will let you know the times that are available…or just check out the sign up sheet on the Welcome Center table at church this coming Sunday. Either way, come and help us love our community and represent the gospel!


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