Blog Site – Re-Launch and Update

Ok. I was able to finally take the time to get the blog site back up and going…and we plan to keep it as active as possible. We will try to have at least once-a-week postings on here regarding a multitude of topics…some directly related to The Bridge Church…others not directly related to much of anything…we just wanted to talk about it. I say “we” because I (Brandon) do not intend to be the only poster on the church blog as we have a plethora of wisdom and giftings on our Leadership Team and I will make them write an article every now and then as well…mainly out of pure “meanness”. We hope the blog is enjoyable….that it is God honoring…and that you will share it with your friends so that others may come into contact with what God is doing with our church plant.

Where We Are

I wanted to give a quick update for those who may be scoring at home on where the church plant is at right now and where we are headed. We have folks from multiple states that are interested in what we are doing and we want  to catch them up a little. This past weekend, we had our 3rd “Soft” Launch Preview service at the Fire Dept Gym we are renting. It was something of a milestone…as we will now have regular weekly worship services every Sunday. We of course are building up to our Launch Sunday Celebration on April 1st. It is our desire to have as many people attend this service as we can to help ensure we “get off on the right foot” and we have a great foundation from which to build. Over the next few weeks, we will begin a promotional blitz that will entail 4000 direct mailers going out (we put the finishing touches on those tonight), 1000 door hangers going out, at least 1000 business card invitations changing hands, a Hot Dog Grill Out and Give Away…and countless flyers and personal invites. We have spent the last few weeks working on our worship service (the band is sounding great), our technology, nursery, greeting and follow-up. We have formatted bulletins and Connect Cards. We have built Connect Groups (small group bible studies which meet on Sunday nights) which we will soon increase to four groups meeting in different locations. We have 11 ministry teams (internal and external) in place that will help minister to those inside and outside the “church”. Last but not least…we even have our KFC Chicken Buckets to take up offering (a personal deal-breaker for me). Things have been and will be busy for the foreseeable future…but it is well worth it. This past Sunday morning I looked at those who had come to the altar a the close of the message (without their shoes no less….don’t ask)…I got sentimental for just a moment and thought back on how far we had come on the journey…and then also thought ahead…and how sweet one day it will be 10-15 years from now to look out while speaking and see the faces of those who were there at the altar with me on day 1! Pray for us…we have much to see done…and as our worship band sang on Sunday there are “greater things still to be done in this city!” Until next time – Soli Deo Gloria!          – Brandon


One thought on “Blog Site – Re-Launch and Update

  1. This past Sunday was a great day, with an awesome message. Thanks to you Brandon for getting this site up and running again. Looking forward to many articles of success and opportunities for the Bridge Church.

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