Enter the Blogosphere!

For most of you who know me I have always attempted to be one of the “cool kids” so today is no different…I am going to be trendy and cutting edge and start a blog. Then again…I may still be somewhat dated as blogging has been around for some time. Oh well…its new to me. I wanted to have a forum to talk about this planting adventure my family and I are on. (or is it am on?….Gonna have to work on my english if I am going to be writing regularly). Many people had given me the advice to have a journal when we started this but I never could seem to make the time to do that…and I know it would help me keep my sanity…so maybe this will be a nice compromise. I know we have friends (I hope I am not being presumptuous) family and acquaintances that are interested in hearing about the crazy world of church planting…at least I hope we do, but if not…I’ll just send my thoughts out into internet oblivion. Who knows how God may use this? I am going to use the first few posts to talk about why we chose to do this church planting stuff! I have found myself time and again trying to explain it to different people and I have never known if I have been completely clear about all the reasons…so I will try and give it my best shot right here! I feel that it is very important that I do that as I know we have folks that love us and have probably been very concerned that we have lost our minds…but rest assured that we haven’t….at least not yet. After I spill my heart oour on my Church Planting Manifesto….I then want to use this blog to talk about the little things that God is teaching us along the way about life in Him and about planting a church. I pray that you will be encouraged, inspired and all of those things….maybe that’s a little too lofty of a goal….how about I just try not to bore you to tears?

Soli Deo Gloria,



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